I'm on TWO of my Favorite Podcasts!

I recently got to be a guest on two of my favorite podcasts, and they just so happened to come out within days of each other.

I had a blast chatting with Rebecca and Lindsay of the Boss Bitch podcast about fertility awareness, menstrual cycles, feminism, and business. I talk about the first time I got acupuncture, the process of starting my own practice, and I read both of their tongues - as Rebecca puts it, "the results are SHOCKING!"

I also laughed my ass off with Jackie Johnson of the Natch Beaut podcast. We talked about yin and yang (and how yang is actually pronounced,) how stress effects the body, and holistic skin care. She actually came into my office for the episode so we could do a consultation and acupuncture facial!

And while I'm at it, I might as well mention that earlier this year I was on the Keeping Shop podcast, which is all about owning a brick and mortar business. We discussed how I started my practice, what's involved in acupuncture treatment during IVF, and why bone broth is so good for you. 

So go ahead, go crazy listening to me talk!