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The Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf, aka Rubus idaeus or Fu Pen Zi in Chinese medicine, happens to be one of the most common herbs I use myself and prescribe to my patients. It is a gentle yet powerful uterine tonic, it is safe in pregnancy, and when brewed as tea or an herbal infusion it's a good source of dissolved minerals.

And, you don't have to be pregnant or even a woman to benefit from this amazing herb. It also has benefits for digestion, skin, lungs, and gums. In fact, for many of it's benefits you don't even have to drink it, you can use it as a soak or add it to your bath. I'll explain how.

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Morning Sickness is The Worst - How to Treat it Naturally

Morning Sickness, or the more appropriate term, early pregnancy nausea, as it can strike at anytime of the day, is a common but bothersome symptom of pregnancy that can be tricky to treat. Some women don't respond to common nausea remedies, which leaves them feeling queasy - or worse - the better part of the day, often while still trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

Even though early pregnancy nausea can be difficult to treat, it's not impossible. There are lots of natural treatments that may lessen or completely relieve your nausea. Most of these methods work short-term, so you have to keep up with them for them to remain effective. But typically, a combination of a few of these methods makes the first trimester all the more manageable.

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