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Are you Terrified of Getting a Pap?

I speak with so many women about their uterine and cervical health, and it's no surprise that many are dreading - or even terrified of - their next Pap smear. It can be an uncomfortable procedure, and the topic of why we need them and how often seems to be riddled with misinformation and fear.

If you are among those who are terrified of getting their next Pap smear, I hope I can offer some tips that will make it a not-so-terrifying experience.

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7 All-too-common Myths About Pap Smears

I talk to a lot of women about some not-so-talked-about subjects. We talk about their bodies, doctor's appointments, procedures, hormones, diagnoses, sex, pregnancy, birth, parenting. There's no topic off limits.

So it's probably no surprise that, "when was your last pap smear?" is one of the first questions I ask my patients. Unfortunately, I find there's a ton of confusion among women about pap smears and why they are so important.

This breaks my heart because I see it as part of a larger epidemic of misinformation about women's health, an epidemic which we must eradicate by decimating proper health education.

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