About Acupuncture

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Are you...

  • Experiencing annoying or debilitating pain?

  • Having trouble sleeping or always feel tired?

  • Experiencing bothersome digestive upset?

  • Looking to treat hormonal imbalances or improve your fertility holistically?

Acupuncture can help!


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There's a reason why acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat disease and promote wellness, because it works!

In fact, current research has proven acupuncture to be effective treatment for over 40 conditions, including several types of pain, high or low blood pressure, depression, morning sickness, and allergies.

I specialize in women's reproductive health, which means I can help you achieve a painless period. I can get your hormones balanced and boost your fertility. I can treat your hot flashes, menstrual migraines, or PMS. And if motherhood is ahead of you, I can help you to get pregnant and support you through a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.


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