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  • I can't recommend Jacqueline enough for anyone who is trying to get pregnant! I came to Jacqueline initially when I was advised by a reproductive endocrinologist to pursue IVF. Through the process, Jacqueline was not only my acupuncturist but also a tremendous source of information and support. It was an emotionally trying time for me and Jacqueline was so caring and helpful, I don't know how I would've gotten through that time without her. Ultimately, the IVF did not work but I got pregnant naturally. I truly credit that to the care that both my husband and I received through acupuncture, the herbs and the diet recommended to me by Jacqueline. Thank you so much! We are so grateful. xo.
  • I think Jacqueline might be a genius... She is passionately well-informed about how the body works, which allows her to treat you confidently and with zero stress. I felt completely cared for and couldn't have tackled my fertility issues without her. Go to Sweet Beet, you will be in the very best hands!
  • After trying to get pregnant for many months, I went to see a reproductive endocrinologist who diagnosed me with PCOS, and thus began a dizzying array of hormones to make me cycle and ovulate. Having known several people who had luck getting pregnant with the help of acupuncture, I went to see Jacqueline at Float, and boy, oh, boy am I glad I did. While I continued seeking treatment from traditional Western medicine (ultimately going through three rounds of IUIs), it was the treatments with Jacqueline (acupuncture, herbs, diet) that kept me grounded, sane, and ultimately helped me get pregnant. I then continued seeing Jacqueline throughout my pregnancy, seeking help for the various aches and pains from nausea to constipation to insomnia. Throughout the whole often trying experience, Jacqueline was a rock. She approaches each visit both as a studied practitioner and as a caring friend. I looked forward to seeing her each week and I am beyond grateful for all she did in helping me meet my beautiful baby girl.
  • Despite not living in L.A., Jaqueline has provided me with exceptional service for my health needs. While in town for one weekend, I was able to see Jaqueline to get a full work up on my menstrual cycle, cramps, anxiety and depression. She introduced me to cupping and recommended herbs and tea for me to continue to use once I was back home in San Diego. Although I have not been able to return to her office yet, she continues to provide me support through email. I have noticed a significant change in my anxiety since taking the herbs she recommended and look forward to being able to see her in person again one day soon!



  • Jacqueline, we want to thank you for helping us achieve our dream.  Your treatments, patience, and support were very instrumental throughout my pregnancy.  I always looked forward to my treatments and I am very happy and sad that I have completed my treatments, as I will miss you, but I promise to keep you updated and keep in touch.
  • As I went over all the dates of my acupuncture treatments I remembered again what a true support you were to me during the weeks, months (and year!) both before and after my twins' birth, I am incredibly grateful. Your knowledge of acupuncture treatment as well as your kindness means a lot to me. Thanks for all you've done for me!!


Menstrual Health

  • I've been seeing Jacqueline regularly for months now. Initially I went for irregular periods and she was able to help me immediately. Now I go to maintain my cycle and to work on my stomach issues. Jacqueline is knowledgeable, kind, and makes me feel listened to and cared for. The "needle naps" are so relaxing I wish I could do them every day. She's wonderful.



  • After three years of chronic left hand pain - including countless doctor's visits, entirely useless (and expensive) CT scans and X-rays, and 6 months of resultless physical therapy - I finally found Float. From my first visit it was clear this would be a different experience, as Jacqueline diligently examined my entire medical history (not just my hand pain), and was able to offer multiple solutions to my problem. We began acupuncture that day, and despite my lifelong fear of needles, she created a calming atmosphere that allowed my anxiety level to quickly fade into memory. In addition to the weekly treatments, Jacqueline provided invaluable advice regarding lifestyle and diet changes so that I could make progress towards getting rid of the pain every day, instead of only on days I visited the office. I noticed results quickly, and after approximately ten visits I was completely pain free. I'd give Float Chinese Medical Arts my highest recommendation!
  • When my son was about four months old, I started experiencing extreme wrist pain. It made everyday tasks challenging and difficult.  I tried wearing a brace, saw numerous doctors, and underwent electrical stimulation, but nothing seemed to work. After about six months of dealing with the pain, a friend told me about Float. I had never tried acupuncture, but I was desperate to heal and get back to picking up my baby with ease.  I was shocked to find the pain had substantially lessened after my first visit with Jacqueline and had completely diminished after about four visits. I am so grateful to have worked with Jacqueline - a true healer with a warm and lovely energy that made my appointments truly enjoyable.



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