Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Does acupuncture hurt?

Not really.

When people have a fear of needles it is often related to getting shots or having blood drawn. These procedures use hypodermic needles, which are thick and hollow.

Acupuncture needles, however, are solid and much thinner. While there are different sizes of acupuncture needles, most are at least 20 times thinner than hypodermic needles.

While acupuncture needles may cause a slight pinch when inserted, the pain is usually mild. Once the needles are in, they may cause tingling or warm sensations, but should not cause sustained pain.

+ What does acupuncture do?

Acupuncture is a technique of Chinese medicine that uses points along the surface of the body to influence how it functions as a whole.

Because energy in the body moves through channels, on which the points are merely access points, a proper analogy for how it works is a subway system. Just as the lines of a subways system transverse a huge city like New York, but you can only access the subway at stations along the route, so are the channels of the body. The channels carrying energy in your body cover every inch of us, inside and out, but we can only access them at specific locations, the acupuncture points.

Acupuncturists are trained in the anatomy of these energetic systems, and how best to use them to balance the body and restore health.

+ Do I need acupuncture?

Most people can benefit from acupuncture, whether it’s several times per week for an acute injury or at the change of seasons for an immunity boost. When sick, in pain, or addressing a specific health issue, it's ideal to get acupuncture regularly.

I specialize in women's reproductive health, so if you have the goal of treating menstrual pain, regulating hormones, getting pregnant, or preparing/recovering from labor or a c-section, then I definitely recommend acupuncture.

+ What's the difference between community acupuncture and a private session?

Community acupuncture is treatment offered in a group setting at reduced rates. It allows for several patients to be treated at the same time, making acupuncture more accessible to a larger portion of our community.

Because of the group atmosphere, intake and treatments are more steamlined and simplified than private treatments. It's an excellent option for simple aches and pains, ailements, anxiety, headaches, low immunity, or general wellness.

Private sessions allow for much more indepth medical history and discussion of health goals, as well as personilized acupuncture treatment, and if indicated, herbal and dietary consultation, fertility coaching, and treatment such as cupping or acupressure.

+ How many treatments before I feel better?

That depends on the condition being treated. For very complex conditions or conditions you've had for a long time, it may take longer to treat. For something acute, sometimes just one treatment is all that's needed to get you feeling back to yourself again.

Please keep in mind, as with every kind of medical treatment, results can vary. I promise to provide you with a reasonable estimate of how many treatments you'll likely need, based on my experience, but there is no guarentee of how exactly you'll respond.

+ Do I need to take herbs?

It depends on what you're being treated for. Some conditions respond best to acupuncture, some to herbal medicine, some to a combination of the both.

+ What herbs do you use?

Chinese "herbs" include hundreds of different substances, most of which are botanical in nature, but some are from animal or mineral sources. You may recognize some of the herbs, such as ginger or mint, but many of them from plants that are not recognizeable to most Westerners.

Just as with any medicine, which herbs are prescribed relies completely on each patient and their unique presentation.

Sometimes herbs are used indivisually, but most often in Chinese herbs are combined into a formula which is designed to mediate the imbalances in their system. Most of the herbal formulas I use come in either the form of pill or tea.

+ Do you take insurance?


I don't bill insurance for you, but if you have out of network acupuncture benefits then I can provide you a SuperBill for you to submit for direct reimbursement (meaning you get paid by your insurance provider directly.)

+ Can you help me get pregnant?

That depends on a lot of different factors. If you'd like to discuss if you would be a good cadidate for Chinese medicine, feel free to email me at or calling/texting 323-418-2282.