If you're trying to conceive or thinking about starting soon…

Then you may be confused about how to best support your body.

What foods should you be eating and which vitamins do you need to start taking? Which days are you most fertile and when are you actually ovulating? And if you've been trying for a while now, then how can you actually boost your fertility so you have better chances of getting and staying pregnant?

If you've been asking yourself all of these questions, then I'm so glad you found me, because it's my specialty to help answer them.

That's why I've developed Foundations of Fertility, my 6-week online masterclass in all things fertility. From the comfort of your couch you'll learn about:

  • Hormone Basics - how they work, which most affect fertility + how to balance your own 
  • Uterine Anatomy + Health - common uterine + ovarian conditions that may affect pregnancy + how they're treated
  • Evaluating Fertility - cycle charting, determining ovulation, hormone + uterine testing
  • Eating for Egg Quality - regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation + oxidative stress, key nutrients + which foods to focus on
  • Fertility Friendly Supplements - vitamins, minerals, antioxidants + herbs
  • Your Chinese Medical Pattern - how to determine your own pattern + how to best support your unique body

I love the variety of content I've included in this course. You're getting some seriously detailed knowledge of how fertility works from Eastern and Western perspectives. I'm serving up my 10 years of experience from working in reproductive medicine on a silver platter and I couldn't be more psyched for you to learn all about your body.

Each week you'll get a digital (or if you choose, printable) workbook with all the information and resources, plus videos from me breaking it all down for you as we make our way through the material.

In addition, you'll have the option to access our private FaceBook group, where you are part of a community of others who have taken the course or are currently taking it right along with you.


The Details

When: this course begins on Monday July 30th when the first module is released, but registration remains open until August 5th - register now and you'll receive instant access to the first week's module!

The next five modules will be released each following week on Monday (August 6, 13, 20, 27, and September 3rd.)

You can get to work on each new module right away when it comes out, wait until later in the week, or wait for all the modules to come out and do them all at once. There are no homework assignments or due dates, so you're free to work through the materials completely at your own pace.


What you get: when each module is released you'll instantly have access to watch the video(s) and download that week's workbook. The workbook can be printed out or viewed on an iPad or computer. You have access to all the course materials until the end of 2018.


Cost: $199 for the 6-week course


Ready to get started?